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 Our Concept

Natural components, their variety and wealth, are at the core of our concept. But that's just the beginning. Nature Bijoux as a brand is the expression of reconciled extremes, the achieved concord between the softness of your skin and the poetry of the materials. Adorn your skin with our jewelry, like you do with an accent of fashion; it becomes an emotion that will take you one step further and invite you to embark on a sensual journey.  

Our Skill

Nature Bijoux jewelry is literally the fruit of amazingly skilled artists and artisans. No two pieces are alike as each style is handcrafted from raw material.Nature Bijoux is a family affair with, in its center, an astounding character. Artist, artisan, businessman, Jean-Daniel Christin is imparting his passion to his children, Manuelle, Amaury and Simon who, a few years ago, have joined the company. Bringing a fresh look into the equation, the new generation of Christin has jumpstarted the vivacious growth of the brand. 

Our Commitment

When he established his factory in the 80’s, Jean-Daniel Christin was very sensitive towards the cultural differences he would meet when developing his business in the Philippines. It turned out that he was naturally disposed to thrive in contact with other ethos. Many of his workers have been with him from the beginning; now that their children are young adults, they have joined the company as well. 
Jean-Daniel offers a safe and stable working environment in a country filled with uncertainties. He gives 450 local workers the chance to make a good living in optimum conditions, while nurturing their sense of pride through a work well done.

Nature Bijoux is intrinsically in synergy with Nature. We carefully chose it for the name of our company because it closely epitomizes the fundamental value and a state of mind we all share. Nature is the cardinal point. It is not just that we borrow our components from it: we are truly giving inert matter a new life through the creative process.

In the costume jewelry industry, Nature Bijoux is an undisputed leader whose expert in sourcing, transforming and recycling nature components is second to none. It has become a tradition throughout the years to pass along this unique knowledge to every team member who joins the company, and who applies it with faithfulness and high regard.

One does not call a jewelry line "Nature" without weighing the serious commitment it demands. Each piece is created with the utmost respect for the environment. All materials used are certified in strict accordance with the Washington Convention. Everything matter in our line, up to and including the new glass and wood building that is housing our Corporate Offices. 

Nature Bijoux Terms and Conditions

All orders for the current season of Nature Bijoux will be made especially for your order, delivery is around 4 – 6 weeks, and will be delivered complete. W